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 Floating Table RM-5

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• RM – 5 floating top table is designed with aluminum rail that can move in four directions and steel
• Top of the table is produced using laminated material with minimized rates of refraction and flexibility which enables high levels of permeability
• Cassette tray is designed with a capacity to take every kinds of cassatte having dimensions from 13x18 cm to 35x43 cm
• Bucky motor starts to its movement at the time of preparation and exposure and its movement continues until the ray is cut.
• The Lateral Grid used on the system has the dimension of 440x480 mm and movement rate of the Lateral grid is designed in order to give the desired result on the films with the shortest period of time
• Holdings of cassettes have a mechanism with a lock and it is designed in manner to provide easy placing and taking of cassette
• Grid at the desired amount can be connected to the table bucky
• The top platform of the table is restricted in four directions to prevent its dislocation from the system
• The device has electrostatic dye in order to minimize the marks on the outher surface
• Automatic centering can be actualized with table bucky
• All of the movements can be fixed at the desired position by photocell or foot pedal and electrobrakes
• Bucky can move 450 mm to right and left directions along the table as being centered.


System Size: ( W x L x H ) 785x2200x750 mm
Horizontal : _+ 900 mm
Vertical:_+ 120 mm
Max. Patient Weight: 250 kg (opt)
Table Absorption:0,5 mm Al.
Table Top to Film
Distance: 65 mm
Grid Rates: 8:1–10:1–12:1–15-1
Grid Line Density: 40–60–85–103–152 line / cm
Mains: 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Weight:160 kg
Packaged Weight:200 kg
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